Smooth and conductive PTFE hose with EPDM cover


Our PTFE hose type NeoGom features a smooth liner, fabric inlays, a stainless steel helix, an EPDM cover and an outer layer with conductive pigments. The hose liner consists of seamless extruded PTFE with an electrically conductive design.

PTFE hose type NeoGom

Reinforced with the durable and kink-resistant EPDM cover, our NeoGom hose offers very high resistance to many kinds of external influences, as well as a longer working life and improved handling. The smooth PTFE hose with EPDM cover is an outstanding choice as a suction and pressure hose for pharmaceutical and chemical products, and for transporting powders (except chlorine trifluoride, chlorine and fluoride gases, difluorine dioxides, phosgene and molten alkali metals). The smooth PTFE liner ensures a perfect product flow; it is also suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (EX zone 0) and meets the requirements of EN12115. We can offer a variety of fittings and materials for all our PTFE hoses and are pleased to respond flexibly to customer requests. The NeoGom PTFE hose is completely traceable by reference to the lot number on the cover and, in the case of prefabricated pipelines, by reference to the lot number and serial number on the crimp collar.

Technische Daten



Seele Electrically conductive PTFE
Mantel EPDM cover and an UHMWPE outer layer incl. conductive pigments
Umflechtung N/A
Anschlüsse Crimped or clamping jaws
Einlagen Fabric inlays and stainless steel helix
Temperatur -40 °C / +150 °C
Vakuum Up to DN 50: at 20 °C: up to 1 mbar absolute from DN 65: 200 mbar absolute at 20 °C
Max. Länge Up to DN 50: 40 m, DN 65 and DN 80: 20 m
Norm/Zulassung FDA 21 CFR 177.1550, FDA 21 CFR 178.3297, USP Class XXXVI Class VI, free of TSE & BSE, EN 12115, Europe-an Regulation 1935/2004/CE Res. AP 2004 (5)

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