Industrial hoses from Neotecha convince with their flexibility

Where great flexibility of the hose line is required, the optimal combination of core, cover and mesh can offer the best solution for every application area. Convoluted PTFE hoses offer low bending radii and suitable covers also allow smooth hoses to be flexible.

Our hoses applicable in flexible and diverse ways

Neotecha offers a wide range of individually designed hose lines. This makes complex connection forms possible. Each hose type can be connected to an almost infinite number of variants of connections. Connection types, sizes and standards can be combined on one hose as desired. This way intermediate pieces – and thus potential leaks – can often be avoided. Connections can be equipped with arches at angles from 45° to 180°, which is of great advantage, especially for optimal installation. When it comes to materials, we are flexible as well. Connections are manufactured in different types of stainless steels and plastic as required.

Benefit from the flexibility and diversity of our hose lines

Thanks to the guaranteed flexibility and diverse connection options of our hoses, you can benefit from our optimal solutions for almost all tasks in the field of hose lines. Due to the diverse range of possible combinations and easy handling, you can flexibly choose the connection form for your containers, pipes, and facilities according to your needs.