Thinking safety

As good as certain

With functional mature, qualitative premium industrial hoses Neotecha delivers an important contribution for working safety and undisturbed procedure of processes in different areas and branches. From pharmaceutical to paper industry over food industry up to steel industry and chemical industry. No matter if liquid or gaseous mediums, depending on the requirement we develop and produce customized hose specifications in view of pressure, temperature, and chemical compatibility.

Further facts and benefits:

  • Permanent reduction of risks through the constantly pursuit of higher quality and safety standards.
  • More safety through high-precision manufacturing and machining processes. Partly on machines, specially designed and produced for the high (safety) requirements of Neotecha.
  • Permanent identification and realization of potential for optimization to increase the safety and usage comfort.
  • Consequent detection and elimination of possible weak spots. For example, through kink protection, flange-slip-protection with an O-ring, intelligent joints etc.
  • Preparation of individual designed maintenance plans for proactive prevention of process disorders.

What counts: With Neotecha all your processes are as good as certain. Because our high-quality ready-for-use industrial hoses resist aggressive and critical mediums and meet exceptional hygiene requirements.