PTFE convoluted hose with stainless steel braiding


Our convoluted PTFE hose type ECB is a hose with stainless steel braiding. The anti-adhesive convoluted hose is weatherproof, resistant to aging, corrosion, vibration as well as to UV. It also offers high pressure and temperature resistance and good mechanical properties.

PTFE hose type ECB

Our convoluted hose type ECB is manufactured within strict tolerances. The flat, round, helix convolutions ensure a clean media flow, promote easy self-cleaning, and allow for maximum flexibility with a minimal kink radius. To create a permanent pressure-tight connection, the convoluted hose is hydraulically press-fitted with the hose fittings. Our convoluted PTFE hose with stainless steel braiding is used in numerous applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical as well as in the food and beverages industry. As further areas of application count cosmetic products and biotechnology. We can offer a variety of fittings and materials for all our PTFE hoses and are pleased to respond flexibly to customer requests. Complete traceability of our hoses is ensured by the serial number on the crimp collar.

Technische Daten



Seele Electrically conductive PTFE
Mantel N/A
Umflechtung Black polypropylene braiding
Anschlüsse Crimped or flared
Einlagen N/A
Temperatur -70 °C / +260 °C
Vakuum At 20 °C: up to 126.25 mbar absolute/except DN 150: 459.25 mbar absolute at 20 °C
Max. Länge 10 m, longer lengths on request
Norm/Zulassung FDA 21 CFR 177.1550, USP XXXVI Class VI, EC 1935/2004, free of TSE & BSE

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