Platinum cured silicone hose with stainless steel helix


This translucent, platinum cured silicone hose is the classic choice among silicone hose assemblies; it features a smooth, non-stick surface. The combination of the fabric inlays with a stainless steel helix ensures outstanding flexibility and reduces kinking. This makes the silicone hose particularly suitable for dynamic applications such as in filling lines.

PTFE hose type NeoSil 1000B

Our silicone hose type NeoSil 1000B is produced in line with strict quality specifications and has established itself in many areas. It is often used in sterile processing plants because hoses made from this material offer higher purity than peroxide- and sulphur-cured silicones. This is why platinum-cured silicone hoses are predominantly used in pharmaceuticals, medical engineering and biotechnology. Due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, heat, abrasion, ozone and weathering, our silicone hose is particularly well suited for moderately aggressive, fluid, gaseous, chemical and pharmaceutical products. The silicone hose type NeoSil 1000B is completely traceable by reference to the lot number on the cover and, in the case of pre-fabricated pipelines, by reference to the lot number and serial number on the crimp collar. We can offer a variety of fittings and materials for all our silicone hoses and are pleased to respond flexibly to customer requests.

Technische Daten



Seele Silicone, platinum cured
Mantel Silicone, platinum cured
Umflechtung N/A
Anschlüsse Crimped or flared
Einlagen Textile inlay, stainless steel helix
Temperatur -60 °C / +200 °C
Vakuum At 20 °C: 200 mbar absolute
Max. Länge 40 m
Norm/Zulassung FDA CFR 21 PART 177.2600, D.M. 21/03/1973, BFR CHAP XV, Brochure 1227, European Regulation 1935/2004/CE Resolution AP 2004(5), USP Class VI, free of TSE & BSE

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